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PIT BULL® ROCKER® EXTREME OFF-ROAD LT BIAS - Our most aggressive LT Bias dog specifically designed for Rock Crawling and extreme off-road applications. 

DOT LEGAL...but if you don't know what a "bias" tire is...maybe you shouldn't buy them!  Just say'n! :)

Available Bias Sizes:

>> 37X1350-15LT/C*
>> 37X1350-17LT/D*

>> 42X15.0-15LT/C*
>> 42X15.0-16LT/C*
>> 42X15.0-16.5LT/C*
>> 42X15.0-17LT/C*
>> 42X15.0-20LT/D*

>> 44X1950-15LT/C*
>> 44X1950-16LT/C*
>> 44X1950-16.5LT/C*
>> 44X1950-17LT/C*
>> 44X1950-20LT/D*

* - may be delays in production/special order items


Real Sidewall Protectors - that help protect the sidewall and rims from impact.

Rim Guards - gotta have ’em

All Bite No Bark™ noise resistant technology

Sidewall Traction designed using Fang™ Technology - what's Fang™ Technology? Look at the pictures and see for yourself.

Construction/rubber designed using Tear It Up™ Technology - what’s Tear It Up™ Technology? You can't tell from looking at our tires. It’s our secret on why our tires are so cut resistant, puncture resistant and heat resistant. Which translates into a longer lasting tire providing many hours of hassle-free Off-Road pleasure.

Stepped lugs - aid in lateral traction and stability. We've been using stepped lugs on our designs since 2002.

Deep lugs - designed for excellent cleanout.

Sipes - Strategically placed for maximum traction and easy cleanout.

Cool sidewall designs - Different style lettering on either side of the Rocker & Maddog and other Tire Tattoos™

U.S. & Int’l Patented tread designs - We have something that no one else has…you can see for yourself in the pictures.

"U.S. Patent No. D505,385
European Community Registered Design Nos. 000162383-0005 & 000276654-0001
Aust Des Reg No. 303228
Canadian Industrial Design Reg Nos. 111391 & 122854"

The ROCKER ® Champion design has proven itself in CORR, XRRA, KOH, WeROCK, SNORE, WSORR, TTC, DHRA, NCRR & Baja 1000

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