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Fang ATV Sport tires s are THE toughest, most versatile ATV Sport tires on the market...period!

It's been roughly a decade since anyone came out with something unique and innovative in the ATV Sport market. And, of course, Pit Bull is always innovative.

Rugged, aggressive, sturdy and designed to handle serious applications for use on your Quads. Our rubber compound is supple yet very you can flex and bite without loosing your teeth.

The Fang Sports are designed for those who want something that will give you excellent "point-and-shoot" control and serious traction in hardpack, mud, sand, dune, rock and trail. Racers will love how our tires bite and handle. You WILL be filled with the confidence necessary to win.

Our Patented technology means you have something no one else has and then some. Our knob design increases traction while reducing squirm without sacrificing the flex you need from our Tear It Up Technology rubber compound, to bite and hold a groove.

These puppies have been tested in Dune, Mud, Sand, Rock and Hardpack. We've yet to have anyone tell us anything other than these Fang Sports are miles ahead of the competition in terms of performance.

AT21X7-10 6PR
AT20X11-9 6PR

  • FANG® Sport ATV/Quad Tires

    Most up-to-date Design - designed by the same Pit Bull Extreme Team™ that brought you the long-time proven Pit Bull lines of bias Champion tires for serious trail riding and off-road terrains

    Sidewall Traction - designed using our Fang® Technology that wrap down the sidewall and add extra strength & traction to the shoulder & sidewall areas. Our Pit Bull Extreme Team™ designs with a purpose, and one benefit of our Staggered Over-the-Shoulder lugs is to help reduce excessive drag. Smart, huh?

    Integrated Sidewall Protectors (REARS) - that help to ward off sidewall cuts & abrasions.

    Chip & Tear resistant rubber compound - the proof is in the pudding...our tires are tough.

    Aggressive Tread Block Design - our Patented knobs are biting machines.

    Wide voids - for easy cleanout and aid in reducing hydroplaning.

    Unique Tread Blocks - our designs are not just about looks...they serve a purpose with their multiple varied lugs, edges and sipes. These help to maximize traction especially in extreme conditions.

    Staggered Center Lugs (Front Sizes) - increase biting edges for improved extreme weather and off-road use while helping to reduce noise.

    Our tires kick ass period. We can go on and on pointing out all the minutia details of why our tires are great...blah blah blah. Seriously...just find someone using our tires and see for yourself. An ad is an ad and all companies try to tell you how great their tires are...blah blah blah...the proof is in the pudding. Words are just words...

    U.S. & Int’l Patented tread designs - We have something that no one else can see for yourself in the pictures.

    "U.S. Patent No. D508,457
    European Community Registered Design No. 000162383-001 through 007
    Canadian Industrial Design Reg No. 106501 & 122854"

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